Pocket Money Stand


This FSDU stand is a versatile design that can be adapted to display a range of products including: Toys, Pet Products, Sweets, Health & Beauty, Promo Items, Miniature Travel Essentials, Party Item + more.

Pharmacy Stand

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Multi-functional stand for a well known high street pharmacy.

Large Square Dump Bin Tower


The large square dump bin was purposely designed for light weight but over-sized items to increase impulse purchases in store. It’s large structure is especially suited for things like soft furnishings or sports balls. We can provide dump bin storage solutions in all shapes and sizes for a variety of products.


Card & Giftwrap


The initial meeting with the client was to look at an existing fixture with a view to enhance and redesign the greeting card and gift wrap section within the store.

1. Brief taken and clarified with their store development team.
2. Account Manager briefed WB’s technical and design team.
3. First off draft concepts were submitted to […]