Powder Coating Plant


Our conveyorised powder coating system makes light work of metal surface finishing compared to wet spray alternatives. A dry powder is applied to the metal work and then cured in our oven to form a hardwearing and robust finish. The system is capable of processing up to 2000 products per hour and consists of 2 manual spray cells, a powder reclamation unit to reduce wastage and a long curing oven (approx. 12metres in length). The majority of our work is done using epoxy-polyester and polyester powders; available in a large range of colours and finishes. As of late we have been experimenting with lower temperature bake powders to reduce our impact on the environment.

The Tech Bit:

  • Track length: 40m
  • Max capacity: 2000 eurohooks per hour
  • No of spray booths: 2
  • Powders used: Epoxy-Poly, Poly